Whatipu Beach

Whatipu Beach is literally like arriving at Jurrasic park. Minus the dinosaurs. It is a vast, empty, Black Sand beach with amazing dunes, caves, the safest swimming on the West Coast, and a beautiful combination of lush vegetation, harsh grey rock, and the clear turquoise waters of the Tasman sea. Sometimes we find penguins (little Blues) and sometimes seals. Once even a whale and an Orca.

Whatipu really is a spot most tourists never get to. Very few groups operate out here, and it is one of our favorite summer spots. It is a more chilled location, but we can still find some adventure in dune climbs, caving, rock scrambling and snorkeling around the rocks (conditions permitting).

On a windy day, Whatipu can impress you purely with the force of the wind, screaming through the windy cliffs into the Manukau harbour.

It's also a great option to camp for a couple of days at a very low cost. If you want, we can take you out there, show you around, and leave you for a few days, and collect you later, to drop you back to the city. Message us if this is an option for you!